531 fatwas

  • Muslims staying in non-Muslim countries Date: 22-4-2004

    I have heard some people here in France saying that Muslims should not live in non-Muslim countries. I am confusedabout this claim. Please clarify this pointin light of Islam, remembering that there are people living here in Europe and in USA for generations and there are people who are married andtheir children are natives of those countries... More

  • Using Qur'anic verses as protection or for benefits Date: 11-4-2004

    Here in Pakistan, we use to hang some Qur'anic Ayah for protection or maybe for benefits. Is this permitted?Is it correct that a Sahabi (I don't know his name) used to have Ayah in his neck for protection or on his children?.. More

  • Ruling on Amulets Date: 11-4-2004

    What is the ruling on amulets? Can we pray behind one who makes and sells amulets? .. More

  • Hanging small size Quran in necks Date: 11-4-2004

    It is a common practice of Muslims in India and Pakistan that they wear Taaweez (amulets) of very small size Holy Qur'an around their neck. Is it permissible or not?.. More

  • Yemeni student studying in US and living with US family Date: 25-3-2004

    Iam a student from Yemen studying in the United States and living with an Amercian family. Its a new program which allows Middle Easten students to come study in America for one year.I would like to know ifI can eattheir meat even though it is not Halal, beef chicken and not ham? .. More

  • Having non-Muslim friends Date: 25-2-2004

    I have had problems understanding if we are allowed to be friends with a non-Muslim. 30% of my friends are non-Muslims I laugh and joke with them. We talk but we are not as close as my Muslims friend. I just want to ask if I can ask help from them, like homework, or even work with them. I can see if I let them go it will not be the same. I am trying.. More

  • Haram marriage custom in India Date: 17-2-2004

    In my native India there is a marriage custom like taking a coconut and tying it all around with a red thread. Then on the 5th Friday after marriage the husband and his wife with their individual coconut called 'The coconut for preserving the womb' go and immerse it in a lake. Is there any Ahadith which confirms this? Or is it only a borrowing.. More

  • Celebrating Christmas Date: 8-2-2004

    My girlfriend is a teacher in the Netherlands where most schools celebrate Christmas. Can she celebrate Christmas, although she does not have the intention to celebrate it? .. More

  • Significance of number 19 Date: 4-1-2004

    Does number 19 has special meaning in Islam? I was Catholic and since I converted to Islam many important things keep happening in my life almost every months on 19th. Plus I have feeling that everywhere I look I see number 19 (on the watch, etc.). I read in Qur'an that the world is based on number 19; also I read in Tafsir that there are the nineteen.. More

  • Renting a flat from disbelievers sharing the kitchen with them Date: 15-12-2003

    Can I rent a basement apt from a non-Muslim family? I will have my own room, bathroom, etc., but will have to go up to use the kitchen... More

  • Beware of superstitions and fairy tales Date: 10-12-2003

    I heard people saying don't comb your hair in front of the door. I am confused, I don't know if it was taught by our Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam). Is there any authentic Hadith saying this thing that don't comb hair in front of the door of the house?.. More

  • It is lawful to eat with disbelievers with condition Date: 8-12-2003

    1) I am a Moroccan Muslim, I am now living in Italia, I want to know if I take a meal in a house of an Italian, is it Halal, I mean eating with Christians is Haram. 2) I am working in a restaurant as a cleaner, in this restaurant there is the wine, it s forbidden, some times I go to church to ask for help. What Shariah says?.. More

  • Muslims who live in non-Muslim countries are of three kinds Date: 7-10-2003

    I have heard that it is forbidden for a Muslim to live in a non-Muslim country, so should all the Muslims who live in non-Muslim country e.g. USA go back to their native land?.. More

  • Not Following the Rules of a Country Date: 14-9-2003

    What is the ruling of Islam about a person who does not follow the rules and regulation of a country? For example, he migrates by changing his name and photo in the passport or absconds and ignores custom duty. Hence such rules are man made, so, is it compulsory to follow them? .. More

  • Sister Living with Her Brother and His Wife Date: 13-9-2003

    A lady who is living happily with her husband in a Western country and his sister decided to move with them from her original country. She's not married; her mom is alive her dad is dead. She has a good job, and can afford to live on her own next to her brother rather than with him in the same place. Then conflicts with the wife will be avoided for.. More