522 fatwas

  • Renting a flat from disbelievers sharing the kitchen with them Date: 15-12-2003

    Can I rent a basement apt from a non-Muslim family? I will have my own room, bathroom, etc., but will have to go up to use the kitchen... More

  • Beware of superstitions and fairy tales Date: 10-12-2003

    I heard people saying don't comb your hair in front of the door. I am confused, I don't know if it was taught by our Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam). Is there any authentic Hadith saying this thing that don't comb hair in front of the door of the house?.. More

  • It is lawful to eat with disbelievers with condition Date: 8-12-2003

    1) I am a Moroccan Muslim, I am now living in Italia, I want to know if I take a meal in a house of an Italian, is it Halal, I mean eating with Christians is Haram. 2) I am working in a restaurant as a cleaner, in this restaurant there is the wine, it s forbidden, some times I go to church to ask for help. What Shariah says?.. More

  • Muslims who live in non-Muslim countries are of three kinds Date: 7-10-2003

    I have heard that it is forbidden for a Muslim to live in a non-Muslim country, so should all the Muslims who live in non-Muslim country e.g. USA go back to their native land?.. More

  • Not Following the Rules of a Country Date: 14-9-2003

    What is the ruling of Islam about a person who does not follow the rules and regulation of a country? For example, he migrates by changing his name and photo in the passport or absconds and ignores custom duty. Hence such rules are man made, so, is it compulsory to follow them? .. More

  • Sister Living with Her Brother and His Wife Date: 13-9-2003

    A lady who is living happily with her husband in a Western country and his sister decided to move with them from her original country. She's not married; her mom is alive her dad is dead. She has a good job, and can afford to live on her own next to her brother rather than with him in the same place. Then conflicts with the wife will be avoided for.. More

  • Attending birthday parties Date: 1-9-2003

    Celebrating birth is not allowed in Islam. I don't celebrate my birthday, but if some non-Muslim friends give a party regarding birthday or invite me what is the Islamic view?.. More

  • Doing Good Deeds Is Not from Shirk Date: 1-9-2003

    I have a question regarding shirk and major polytheism. One part of this question is intending something by deeds besides seeking pleasure of Allah. For instance, if I decide to do an action to increase my Iman, or if I read something about Islam for my interest, or I exercise for some benefit not for the sake of Allah, are such acts considered from.. More

  • Wants to leave USA but parents disagree Date: 29-7-2003

    I live in USA I can't fully practice Islam. I thought I'd make Hijrah from USA to Arab countries. My parents do not want me to leave. Please give me advise what should I do. If I listen to my parents my religion will be weak and my faith too... More

  • To remain in Canada for citizenship or go home Date: 17-6-2003

    I am living in Canada and my wife is living in an Arabic country and works there. In fact I came here for studies. Next year, Insha Allah, I will finish, but I want to stay here another year in order to get the Canadian citizenship. My wife refuses this solution and insist that I should return once I finish the studies. What is the opinion of the religion.. More

  • Traveling to China due to SARS Date: 16-6-2003

    Can I travel to China? What is the view of our religion in this case, with the new disease SARS which appeared in China. I have an office in Shanghai, China and all my business is based on exporting goods from China to some other countries. Since the beginning of this year due to SARS I didn't work at all. In Shanghai, there has been no cases of SARS... More

  • Young Muslims going to Western countries Date: 13-5-2003

    What is the solution for our Ummah when you see our children go away from Islam in western countries? In our Islamic countries we are not welcome! .. More

  • Wants to study and live in Canada Date: 30-4-2003

    I want to pursue my education in non-Muslim country (Canada) because the subject that I want is not well developed in Muslim countries, so is it possible? I want to settle there because I want to practice Islam after I take Islamic course from Islamic American university. Is it possible?.. More

  • Going to Europe for study Date: 10-2-2003

    What is the ruling of going Europe for study?.. More

  • Ruling on Working in USA Date: 9-2-2003

    Is it a sin to work in USA? .. More