531 fatwas

  • Saying "Ya Rasul Allah" Date: 7-9-2004

    Assalaam Alaikum, Can you say "Ya Rasul Allah"? Please explain. Please give references for each of these from the Qur'an, Hadith and logic... More

  • Necessity of Muslims remaining in UK Date: 5-9-2004

    I have read some of your Fatwa concerning migrating to Islaamic countries. It is said that it is forbidden to live in a un-Islaamic country if there is no special need to live there, i.e. no Da'wa work. However, I live in UK and feel that I can practice Islaam quite well. All the facilities I need are here. And I can see that Islaam is spreading.. More

  • Wants to solve the magic possibly done to her husband Date: 5-9-2004

    I have a big problem I hope you help me to solve soon cousin of my husband make problem with his wife and every one stay now in different home and they usual make problem with each other. and his wife say some one make black magic to her and her husband and she go to Shaykh to solve this magic and want me to put this water to her husband.. More

  • Moving from Saudi Arabia to UK to be with her mother Date: 31-8-2004

    Is it permissible to leave dar-ul-Islaam, i.e. Saudi Arabia to live in UK as my mother is a widow and has a lot of problems and I would like to support her but I am worried that UK is dar-ul-Kufr although Muslims are allowed to practise freely here there are Masjid here also. My mother cannot do Hijrat because of her financial condition I was.. More

  • Helping non-Muslims with Ruqyah Date: 16-8-2004

    A Shaykh is refusing to help non-Muslims (Christians) in case of Sihr by reading Ruqiyah using Ayah from Surah - Isra: 82 as justification. Is he right? Are there any Hadeeth saying that Ruqiyah shouldn't be used to help people with Sihr unless they are Muslims?.. More

  • He wants to return home to Muslim country, but father wants him to study among disbelievers Date: 19-7-2004

    I have come from Pakistan to do my post graduate study in the field of Psychiatry. I am a doctor. My family is back in Pakistan at the moment. I have suffered from severe depression this year as I visited Pakistan and came back to Ireland in March. I am continuously doing Istikharah about staying here or not, and to call my family here in Ireland.. More

  • Using the hair of the Prophet to get cured Date: 12-7-2004

    Please let me know your verdict in the following case: a Muslim brother here gave me a bottle with water in which there were some hairs. He told me that this was hair from Muhammad (Sallalahu-Alaihu-Wa-Sallam) and if I drink that water then I will be protected from sickness. I personally find it to be Bid'ah. But I would like to know your.. More

  • Wants to avoid influence of in-laws who wear and encourage wearing amulets Date: 27-6-2004

    My husband's parents wearamulets andI know they ateshirk. Allah (swt) has granted my husband the wisdom to get rid of this, but they keep on trying to force it on him.We have told them many times that this is wrong andI am worried that this will effect my married life and my daughter's life as well. Currently we are in a different country from them.. More

  • Wants consulation while studying in America awaiting her husband Date: 24-6-2004

    I'm a woman living alone in America, I came to this country with my husband, but after we arrived he forced me to live like Americans, to stop wearing Hijab, to eat like them and to work in a company that uses women to sell its products. I tried to change him many times to make him stronger and believe in our Aqeeda, but to no avail. He drinks alcohol.. More

  • Carrying Qur’anic verses to ward off evil Date: 2-5-2004

    Some people carry some Qur’anic verses in a small medal tied around their waist to prevent Satanic disturbances and for safety. Is this allowed in Islam? It is very common among the Indian Muslims... More

  • Living in USA Date: 2-5-2004

    I borrowed some money from the US government; interest free, to go to school. After I graduated, I moved back to my home country, which is Muslim and poor. My plan was to quickly find a job and pay back my debt. Now 6 months since I moved back, I still cannot find a Halal job. Moreover, after I surveyed the job market here, the salaries available.. More

  • Feels his faith has weakened in UK Date: 26-4-2004

    I am an asylum seeker in the UK and things have not been going well for me. Iwas a better Muslim beforeI came here; nowI feel my Iman (faith)haslessenedand I feel a less of a Muslim. Am I not doing well because of my deeds?I just want things to work out for me so thatI can go back home, Insha Allah. Please rememberme in your Du’a... More

  • Pagan rituals Date: 24-4-2004

    In my native country people celebrate what is called the festival of and “Barweeh”? Has this any confirmation in the Hadith or the Prophet’s (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam) Sunnah? They do this by lighting up Chirags (small lanterns) and by preparing pots full of sweet rice?.. More

  • Muslim living in non-Muslim land Date: 22-4-2004

    I am living in Canada and I need fatwa about Muslims living in non-Muslim land, and growing a beard in order to get a job... More

  • Believers living in non-Muslim countries Date: 22-4-2004

    I have heard that living in non-Muslim country is forbidden until you have a valid reason for that. Economics is certainly is not one of them. When I contacted the Imam of the mosque he asked me where I will live then? His ruling was there is no place right now where true Islamic culture is present, even if you take a home just outside Haram (in Mecca).. More