293 fatwas

  • Performing Hajj for oneself and for another Person at the Same Time Date: 27-11-2002

    Can someone make Hajj for himself and Hajj for a deceased family member at the same time? Or must the person perform two pilgrimages? .. More

  • Women Going on Hajj without a Mahram Date: 19-11-2002

    I am a Muslim lady and I would like to go for Hajj. Do I need a Mahram to do it? I wanted to know if I could go with my mother and my cousin who is also my brother in-law? Some people say it is ok because I am going with a group? I also have a friend who is a Muslim but because she was born in this country (UK) never really practised her religion. She.. More

  • Performing Hajj on Behalf of Deceased Father Date: 12-11-2002

    My father went on Hajj when he was younger than 15 years old. He did not perform Hajj as an adult and he died a few years ago. I paid someone to make Hajj for my father although I had not made Hajj for myself. I heard that if you have not made Hajj for yourself, it is not permissible to make Hajj for someone else. Is the Hajj I paid for on behalf of.. More

  • Performing Umrah for living persons Date: 29-10-2002

    Is it permissible to perform Umrah for the people who are alive and they have never performed Umrah in their lives? I wish to perform Umrah for my parents who are in India... More

  • Nephew As Mahram in Hajj Date: 28-10-2002

    Would appreciate if you could advise on the following question. Can my mother-in-law be accompanied by her nephew (sister's son) as her Mahram on her Hajj pilgrimage? .. More

  • Performing Hajj with her brother in-law Date: 23-9-2002

    My sister is planning to go for Hajj this year, Insha Allaah, with her husband. Can I go with them, as I have no other Mahram? .. More

  • Performing Hajj and Paying Zakah on Behalf of the Deceased Date: 7-9-2002

    If someone has lost one of his parents, can you perform Hajj for him/her? If yes how? Will Allah forgive you if have wronged one of your parents if you had not asked forgiveness from them before they die but you ask from Him? What are the different ways of paying Zakah for the dead? .. More

  • Making rituals of Umrah several times Date: 21-8-2002

    I am, Insha Allah, going to Umrah this summer and I would like to clarify few points. If I want to do several times (once in the morning, once in the after noon, once in the evening) the Tawaf and the ritual of Safa wa al-Marwa while I am there, would that be a problem? If so, can I have a shower in between or not? I will be staying in Makkah for.. More

  • Performing Hajj on Behalf of Deceased Father Date: 13-8-2002

    My father died following illness. Unfortunately, he did not perform Hajj. Can I do Hajj and make that Hajj for him and then make another one for me? Please, advise me with the proper Hadith (s) that can answer my question. .. More

  • Performing Hajj for One's Deceased Mother Date: 15-7-2002

    If your mother is dead, can you perform Hajj for her through somebody who has already performed his? Please tell me more. .. More

  • Woman with Financial Means Wants to Perform Hajj Without Parents' Consent Date: 14-7-2002

    I am a single, young woman who has the financial means to go on the Hajj pilgrimage. As far as I understand, once a person has the financial means to perform Hajj, it becomes obligatory upon them to do it before they die. As none of us can be sure when they will die, I would like to do the Hajj as soon as possible, especially since I am young and able.. More

  • Women starts to spot before going on Umrah Date: 9-7-2002

    If a woman who is going on Umrah, starts to have spotting before her actual date, once in a day what should she do?.. More

  • Choosing between Hajj and Marriage Proposal Date: 1-7-2002

    My father has offered to me take on Hajj Insha Allah, next year, at the same time that my marriage proposal is scheduled. I want to perform Hajj with my father. Kindly help me to choose. .. More

  • Women Must Not Cover their Face during Hajj or Umrah Date: 1-7-2002

    Tell me about covering the face during Hajj or Umrah? .. More

  • Payment of debts before Umrah or Hajj Date: 23-4-2002

    I owe money to banks for use of credit cards. I need to know, if I can go for Umrah and Hajj, without clearing my debts? Secondly, I want to sponsor my mom and my younger brother for Hajj this year. Do I have to clear my debts before I sponsor them for Hajj. Please advise in the light of Quran and Hadeeth, whether I can sponsor them for Hajj and whether.. More