531 fatwas

  • Definition of Shirk Date: 11-12-2002

    What is Shirk, and what are some examples of a person engaging in it?.. More

  • Impatiently waiting to rejoin husband Date: 17-11-2002

    I am a 21 year old, newly married lady. I only stayed four months after married with my husband and then he had to leave to Canada as an immigrant and I am staying with my parent now waiting for not less than six months time to get my immigration papers ready. The idea of staying a long time away from my husband doesn't sound comfortable to me; I really.. More

  • People who worship at graves Date: 12-11-2002

    I have so many Indian friends in Oman some of my friends on leave to India, visit graves in India called Mazar, offer prayers, asking for help, health, money and so many other things from the dead person. When we tell them not to do this; it is one of the biggest form of Shirk, they simply reply, "You are Wahabi" and do not accept our suggestion. Why.. More

  • Al-Fal, charms, fortune telling, magic Date: 29-10-2002

    What is Al-Fa'l in Islam? What are the causes of using charms, fortune telling and magic among people?.. More

  • Committing Shirk Date: 29-10-2002

    Can a Muslim be forgiven after becoming a disbeliever by committing Shirk (joining partners with Allah), but then repenting? Please justify your answer... More

  • Believing in charms Date: 27-10-2002

    What is the ruling for the following:1) Believing that charm is the cause which brings good luck and averts bad luck.2) Believing that Allah is the beneficiary for good but the charms are the causes of it... More

  • Strayed away from Islam in a Non-Muslim Country Date: 23-10-2002

    I'm a Muslim (al-Hamdulillah) living in Germany. I was a correct Muslim in my country but I have left it because of the unjustice not because of money, and here in Germany my life has changed. I have done a lot of bad, very bad things and I try to go to the way of Allah, but after a while I find my self again in the wrong way. I feel a lot of times.. More

  • Attending a church wedding Date: 2-10-2002

    My friend invited me to go to church with some Christians for a wedding.I don't know exactly whether I am allowed to do so or not... More

  • Wearing Qur'anic verses Date: 17-9-2002

    There is a person who writes Qur'anic Ayahs and gives it people. Can we wear it?.. More

  • Forgiveness for Shirk Date: 3-9-2002

    I would like to know what happens if a Muslim does commit Shirk intentionally or unintentionally. What does the Ayah of the Qur'an mean God will never forgive the sin of associating Him with other gods? Does this mean that God will never forgive after death if a person has done Shirk or does it mean that Shirk has no repentance at all? .. More

  • Video coverage at a church Date: 25-8-2002

    Am I allowed to go and do video coverage at a church?.. More

  • Migrating from Algeria to UK to Study Medicine Date: 23-7-2002

    I am asking about the migration to the country of disbelief (Kufr). I am from Algeria and I have migrated to the UK to study medicine there. Is my situation legitimate, Halal, or Haram? Medicine in the UK is more developed than medicine in Algeria. .. More

  • Muslims who fail to make Hijrah Date: 20-7-2002

    The scholars say that Muslims who live in the West should make Hijrah, but when we try the governments of the Muslim countries reject us. Who will be blamed on the Day of Judgment? We for not making Hijrah or they for blocking or making it very difficult for Muslims to make Hijrah... More

  • Migrating from Muslim Country to Non-Muslim Country Date: 22-6-2002

    Does following fears that may be some harm may happen to me in a Muslim country the valid excuse to leave a Muslim country and settle in non-Muslim country? For example fear of high crime rate, pollution, getting ill, joblessness, poverty, Muslims following Bid'ah (innovations in Deen), people not following Deen properly, Sharia being not the law of.. More

  • Muslims migrating from USA to Muslim countries Date: 16-6-2002

    Many practicing Muslims living in non-Muslims countries migrated here for economic benefits and not for the purpose of Da'wah or any other permissible purpose. Then Allah guided them and they started following Deen. One of my friends is among such Muslims. I was discussing this issue with him and he seemed uncomfortable about leaving USA and to settle.. More