525 fatwas

  • Paying to have Qur'an recited over sick person Date: 6-2-2002

    My mother has recently been under some stress from physical illness and general anxiety. As a result, she has decided, to briefly put it, to pay some people (said to be pious, Shuyookh) in Bangladesh (home country) to recite some verses from the Qur'an. In doing so, out of this charity, she may be relieved of her anxiety. Never having heard of such.. More

  • Her Family Does What Is Called Khatam Date: 26-1-2002

    Can you please tell me what to do. In our family there is a lot of Bid'aa. They believe in all the saints and Sufis. Often they do a Khatam (it comprises of Surah Al-Fatiha, Surah Al-Qadr, Surah An-Naas, Surah Al-Kafiroon, Surah Al-Falaq and the first Ruku of Surah Al-Baqra and in the end they send Salaam on the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam).. More

  • Muslims celebrating Christmas Date: 12-1-2002

    Can a Muslim celebrate Christmas? Is there any Aalim who tells that it is Haram to celebrate? If so who? Is there any Fatwa about celebrating Christmas? Is it written in the holy Qur'an about Christmas? .. More

  • Congratulating Non-Muslims on their feasts Date: 2-1-2002

    Is it allowed for us as Muslims to congratulate Christians in their eids? (I.e. Merry Christmas, etc.) .. More

  • Associating with non-Muslims living in same building Date: 20-11-2001

    I am staying in a 7 story flat. Non-Muslims coming from different parts of India mostly occupy these flats. The doubt is that when my wife and I meet them (opposite sexes) in the lift or ground they greet, smile and talk to us. Can we return these greetings (to opposite sexes) and talk to them as it would be weird if we do not respond. If they invite.. More

  • Visiting churches just to see them Date: 21-10-2001

    Is it permissible for Muslims to visit Churches only to see them? .. More

  • Removing Hijab in USA due to danger and threats to Muslims Date: 19-9-2001

    Due to the incident of USA attack, most of Arabs and Muslims here in USA have been harassed and some of them killed especially women wearing Hijab. I am a woman wearing Hijab and living in USA and I study in the university off campus. I am afraid that wearing Hijab in this situation would bring for me the harassment from ignorant people. Some Muslim.. More

  • Selling Items Paid for by Father to Emigrate to Muslim Country Date: 6-9-2001

    Can I sell for profit what my father has bought me once from his own money such as clothes, books, etc? Can I do that? Note that I live in a western country with my father and I want to emigrate to a Muslim country. And my father does not want me to emigrate to Yemen (my homeland). So, I thought of selling some of my clothes and books to buy myself.. More

  • Necklaces with Qur'anic verses Date: 3-6-2001

    Are Muslims allowed to wear silver necklaces with Qur'an on them (Surat al-Kursee)?.. More

  • Islamic rule about Marabou activities Date: 24-5-2001

    I was in the Gambia last November and people use to do marabou activities. I want to know the legal and the illegal things short such... More

  • Taking Others as Helpers or Protectors Other Than Allah Date: 18-5-2001

    What is the concern about Muslims calling others (e.g.: Anbiya and Auliya) other than Allah for certain things? .. More

  • Groups in Islam Date: 3-5-2001

    1. What is the concern about Muslims calling others (e.g.: Anbiya and Auliya) other than Allah for certain things?2. Is there groups in Islam like Sunni, Mujahid, Jamaat etc, or is it one? .. More

  • Giving money for Hindu celebrations Date: 1-4-2001

    I work in a semi-govt. organization in Bombay, India. I work as a supervisor and Electrical Engineer by profession. My problem is that with me there are majority (90%) Hindus working in the organization and they demand money for celebration of their festivals consisting of Puja (worship of idols of their gods) and party. But if I refuse them then.. More

  • Celebrating Mother's Day Date: 21-3-2001

    In western countries many Muslims celebrate the Mother's day. What is the rule of Shariah concerning this celebration? .. More

  • Ruling on celebrating Valentine's Day Date: 11-2-2001

    In recent days, many Muslims celebrate the Valentine day especially the girls. What is the rule of Sharia about this practice?.. More