1462 fatwas

  • Divorcing wife with the word ‘talaaq’ Date: 27-7-2017

    I have divorced my wife a total of 4 times; there are two divorces regarding which I want to know whether they count or not. 1) My wife called me and said that she had called the police on me; I had a panick attack and almost a nervous breakdown. I was panicking and looking out of the window when I heard sirens. I was crying and really upset, and.. More

  • Dealing with disobedient revert wife Date: 27-7-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. I need help with the following issue: my wife and I met before she became Muslim, while I embraced Islam a week before I met her. I told her that I would not marry her as a non-Muslim, so she embraced Islam and attended the masjid every week in order to learn from the imam and it is about 40 km from her place to the masjid. The problem.. More

  • Disciplining wife who cheated on husband Date: 27-7-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. How are you? I do not know if this is the correct way to contact you. My name is Riaz and I live in Mozambique. My English is not so good. I have been married for seven years, and we have two kids. My wife was cheating on me; when I caught her, she denied it, but then I started investigating and found so many proofs that she accepted.. More

  • A husband saying to his wife Date: 27-7-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. During a quarrel, a husband said to his wife, "If you are not satisfied, you may take the decision." Does the husband have any right to say that? Has the husband given any right by saying it? Please answer the question according to the Hanafi Fiqh. .. More

  • Husband does not pray and prevents wife from visiting parents Date: 19-7-2017

    I am from Iran (I am Sunni-Hanafi), but I was born and brought up in Dubai. I have been living in Iran ever since my marriage. I did not want to marry my husband but was guilt-tripped into it by my parents. There is a 10-year age gap between us, and we are bothreally different. I was brought up in a religious family, and his family is so fancy. We really.. More

  • Metaphors of divorce according to four Schools of Fiqh Date: 12-7-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. I have a question regarding metaphorical divorce. I read that the terms “speak to your parents" and “I think you are better off without me" during an argument are metaphors for divorce. However, I am confused as to how theycan be considered metaphors of divorce when no statement of seperation has been made such as “leave”.. More

  • Taking wife back after Khul’ Date: 12-7-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. Shaykh, three years ago, my husband divorced me on my demand (Khul‘ [divorce requested by the wife in return for financial compensation]). He took me back the same day. Then we had a second Khul‘ about one year ago; he again took me back; this time on the second day. I did not go court to finish my marriage at the time. We did.. More

  • Asking for divorce on account of groom's inability to have intercourse Date: 11-7-2017

    My son got married three months ago. He could however, not perform his marital act because of psychological issues. We have consulted an urologist as well as a psychologist; they both say that there is no issue with the boy and that it is just anxiety, which is treatable. The girl's parents, however, insist on a divorce. I need answers to the following.. More

  • Saying 'yes' to wife's question: 'Is this Talaaq?' Date: 7-7-2017

    Shaykh, what if he only said, "Yes, it is that," or just, "Yes," or "Ok," when I said, "I am considering this a divorce," and, "This is a divorce"? In the argument, I also said, "Is this a divorce?" and, "I am considering this a divorce." (I am not sure about "is this a divorce?") He said, "Yes, it is that." When he again said, "Go," I called his name.. More

  • Divorce at wife's request is not always Khul' Date: 6-7-2017

    In an argument, I rushed to ask my husband for a divorce. He ignored it. In the evening, I again asked for it. He kept quiet. I again asked. He said to my mom who was there that I was asking for a divorce and that if I asked again, he would give it to me. I again asked for. He asked me whether I was sure that I wanted it. I said that I did not want.. More

  • Documenting revoked divorce is not second divorce Date: 22-6-2017

    I divorced my wife in anger at home, and we had sexual intercourse the same night. About a week later, we decided to do that divorce in court in order to avoid the punishments of divorcing at home, because in our country if a divorce takes place outside the court, there are several punishments. Therefore, we decided go to court and do the divorce in.. More

  • Husband treats sister-in-law better than wife Date: 22-6-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. My husband treats my sister better than me whenever she is around. If I am displeased with her actions and tell him, he would said somthing in messages and then sneek around to talk to her asking her what upset her and then yell at me that it is my fault. I caught him looking at her with desire a while back. He blamed it on the devil,.. More

  • Signing divorce paper not divorce Date: 21-6-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. My wife and I were not staying together due to a family fight. She did not come back to my house and has been staying at her father's house for the last eight months. We have one daughter who is four years old. I sent her a divorce notice through the court. In that notice, my lawyer falsely mentioned that I have given her three divorces.. More

  • Wife does not satisfy husband in bed Date: 12-6-2017

    I have been maried for 14 years. My wife cannot satisfy me in the bed. Everything I want is ok in Islam, like normal sex and oral sex. She does not like oral sex. She does not want to pleasure me while she has her period. She does not want to be naked with me alone in the bedroom. She does not like to spoon in bed. She comes with excuses. She does not.. More

  • Authorizing wife to issue divorce Date: 12-6-2017

    Salaam Shaykh. I would like to first thank you for the excellent service which you provide, and you have really benefitted me .I have an important question which I need clarification on in detail, please. The issue of the husband giving the wife the authority to divorce herself is slightly confusing me. I read through these following fataawa and have.. More