1463 fatwas

  • Saying he left his wife three times but no one heard him Date: 25-3-2002

    One of my friend got into fight with his wife. Then he went into separate room and he said, "I left you, I left you, I left you" but at that time he was all alone in his room and no one heard him not even his wife. Also, he did not use the word "Tallaq" or "Divorce" when he said, "I left you". Now he asked me if him and his wife are divorced? He is.. More

  • Husband has given written divorce three times Date: 10-3-2002

    My husband has written divorce on a paper and given it to me. He has done this 3 times at intervals of 5 years each, the last being 15 days ago. The doctor agreed he is a psychic patient and should be treated continuously for his problems. He is a dual personality; sometimes he good and sometimes he acts very absurd; he also drinks alcohol and in the.. More

  • Confused in marriage Date: 9-3-2002

    Urgent Fatwa needed, It is a matter of Jannah or Jahannam for me. Please reply as soon as possible. My husband told me three times Talaaq, the last one was in July 2001. (The last one was Dec 23rd but the July Talaaq which that man convince you was the last one in order to get you in bed, so tell them about July Talaaq). Then my husband found a Fatwa.. More

  • Marital Status of Husband Who Left His Wife, Committed Zina and Doesn’t Pray Date: 6-2-2002

    A little over a year ago, 2 weeks before my daughter was born, my husband moved out of our house to his sisters. There he committed adultery with another woman. He was caught by my brother in-law and he has confessed to me that he had been having relations with this woman for quite some time. My question is am I still married to him if he commits adultery?.. More

  • Waiting Period for Women after Divorce Date: 4-2-2002

    My husband and I have not been intimate for over a month. I was just about to start my 2nd menses without relations with him when he divorced me. He said he didn't mean it, but if it is valid, this is our third divorce. Do I still have to wait an additional 3 menses before I can marry again? .. More

  • Divorce in marriage without sexual relations Date: 3-2-2002

    If a husband divorces his wife, and during the time of the marriage there was no sexual relationship, after the divorce is there Iddah. I have read somewhere in Arabic, if the husband (Lam Yadqul Alyhaah in Arabic) there is no Iddah required. Can you clarify the full meaning of the word (Yadqul) does that mean full sexual relationship or does kissing.. More

  • Compensating Pregnant Wife Who Wants Divorce Date: 3-2-2002

    A pregnant woman asked her husband to divorce her for some reasons. Should he pay her Nafaqah during her pregnancy? .. More

  • Husband left message of divorce on answering machine Date: 29-1-2002

    My husband got angry with me while I was at work, and when I checked my answering service, he left a message that I was divorced. Later that day he tried to catch me before I heard it but I already had. I told him that I would ignore it but I don't know if I can do that? Does this count as a divorce?.. More

  • Husband wants divorce Date: 23-1-2002

    I am married, but my husband doesn't love me. He told me that I lied to him. He didn't see my real hair, teeth, and I have facial hair. When he saw me I had some makeup on my face. Can he divorce me for these reasons?.. More

  • Case when the Husband Is Absent for a Very Long Time and His Wife Remarries but He Finally Returns Date: 23-1-2002

    My question is not based on the occurrence of the situation in question. For the sake of knowledge and awareness, I ask this question. Suppose a man and a woman marry (legal by Sharia) and after some time due to a tragic event, the husband is presumed dead because he has not been seen for a very long time. The woman (and everyone else) now thinking.. More

  • 'Iddah of divorced woman Date: 22-1-2002

    If a woman got divorced from her husband cause she hates him and doesn't want him and he didn't have sex with her must she wait for 3 month to marry again?.. More

  • Told wife she was divorced three times then took her back Date: 4-1-2002

    I had a fight with my wife and we were both very angry. When I returned back from work, my wife had left the house to go to her sister house. I tried to call her to ask her to come home and left her two messages but she didn't call me back. Later in the evening I drove to her sister's house to bring her back but nobody was home. I left a note in the.. More

  • Divorced wife seeks past maintenance Date: 2-1-2002

    I was married to a US citizen who left me for US after 24 days of marriage and never paid any maintenance to me during 3 years of marriage. He has sent the divorce to me. Do I have the right to ask for three years maintenance now?.. More

  • Frigidity in Marriage Date: 26-12-2001

    My wife is not easily aroused sexually while I am the opposite. She does not want to use medicine to help us be more capable. What is the solution? .. More

  • Conditional divorce Date: 9-12-2001

    Explain to me the conditional divorce. If I said to my wife you will not be my wife if you do such and such. (I told my wife a lot of times, more than three times, if you go to your mother this will be the end between us). .. More