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  • Wife wants divorce because husband hit her Date: 8-8-2001

    Islam allows the husband to punish his wife by beating her without harming her. I hit my wife on her hand and her leg few times in one incident; that was the only time I ever used force with her. Now she asks for divorce because I hit her; can she do that?.. More

  • Telling wife she is divorced if she is in sister's home and her husband arrives Date: 6-8-2001

    I said to my wife that she is divorced TRIPLE if she entered her sister's house in the presence of her sister's husband. The question is: if she went to her sister's house in the presence of this person is she divorced once or triple? if she went there in absence of this man and he came in, is she divorced triple or not?Thank you.. More

  • Husband and wife unable to have sexual relations more than year after marriage Date: 20-7-2001

    If a wife and a husband are unable to have a sexual relationship after one and half year of marriage, because the wife is shy or afraid of the act, what Islamic teachings apply to this bond? Does this sort of marital life stand? What help or advice you can provide to overcome her fear? Are there any prayers for strengthening this kind of weak relationship?.. More

  • Made a conditional divorce 5 years ago, but now things changed Date: 8-7-2001

    Five years ago I said to my wife that if any of your sisters or their sons enter to my house you will be divorced, I meant it since it was after they harmed me a lot. Things changed since then and they are in a very bad situation and two days ago one of their sister's son came to my house and I did not let him enter but my wife told my son to let him.. More

  • Wife seeking divorce from irresponsible, porno-watching husband Date: 4-7-2001

    I want a divorce from my husband, and I have some questions and need your advice. He divorced me twice: once during my menses and another shortly following sex relations. Are they valid? Now he only becomes aroused after watching porno movies which I find distasteful. He also does not satisfy me sexually. Advice and counseling with him do not help... More

  • Muslim wife formally from Jordan violates Islamic practices and disobeys husband in U.S Date: 10-6-2001

    My wife has been with me here in the United States for about a year now and she originally came from Jordan. After she arrived to the U.S, she completely changed and fell astray. She started to verbally abuse and beat me. She also refused to dress in accordance to the Sharia, and would constantly disobey me. She also attempted to commit suicide numerous.. More

  • Confused about Husband's Divorce Date: 7-6-2001

    The first time my husband divorced me. I was having my period but he did not know and divorced me. The second time he divorced me after only 7 days before we had relation. Is this divorce Halal? Because I heard that he can't divorce when you have your period and after having relation (Jimaa) with you? I am waiting for my last one. What will be my Iddah.. More

  • Husband joking about divorce Date: 3-6-2001

    I was talking with my wife over the phone and we were talking about her married sister. And I said I will marry your sister and she replies: this is unlawful (which I know because, one can't marry two sisters at the same time in addition to the fact that she was already married) and then I replied I will send you back home. Please tell me what has.. More

  • Wife seeking divorce from jailed husband Date: 14-5-2001

    I would like to know the Islamic legalities of a Faskh divorce sought by the woman in the case her husband is being held in prison. .. More

  • May have spoken words of divorce Date: 18-4-2001

    Someone thinks that he might have said some of the divorce words, but he isn't sure if he said these words or not. What is the solution?.. More

  • How to divorce Date: 10-4-2001

    On 7/7/99 I have got married to my sister-in-law's brother's daughter. That marriage was proposal and its kind of exchange. My sister got married 7 years ago to my wife's uncle (father's brother). But on the day of my marriage, there was a problem on reciting Nikkah created by my father in law. So my marriage was cancelled. And i refused to marry.. More

  • Husband and wife separated, marriage in doubt Date: 8-4-2001

    Husband and wife have been separated for nine months due to their personal conflicts. The wife's brother and mother tried to solve the problem but were not successful. They have three children out of their marriage. Wife wants to work it out, and she (wife) will wait a year to see if she can settle him down. But, the husband wants a divorce. The husband's.. More

  • Wife in Non-Muslim Country Seeking Divorce in Non-Islamic Court Date: 5-4-2001

    A woman lives in a non-Muslim country; her husband does not pay the rights to his wife and does not live with her, he also does not divorce her. Is the woman allowed to go to a non-Muslim court for divorce, if court decide the separation, can she marry? .. More

  • Wife Seeks Separation from Husband Date: 13-3-2001

    I thank Allah who has created Fatwa center for us Muslims. I have a big problem in my life. I have my own opinion about this matter but I consider you to be knowledgeable enough to give proper advice.I converted a few years ago and am very glad I am a Muslim. Islam has changed me to a much better and wiser person. This is the most incredible thing that.. More

  • Married to older woman and wants clarification to marry again Date: 8-2-2001

    I married two and half year ago to a woman who was twice my age due to emotions. I must live with her, but I want to marry someone my age. What is best way out of this situation, her conduct is very good with me, so kindly guide me and give me a solution. Incase of a second marriage I do not think that I could give her full rights. In view of this can.. More