1462 fatwas

  • Meaning of Talaak baen Date: 16-1-2001

    My husband divorced me and I would like to know the meaning of (one divorce) Talaak baen. .. More

  • During divorce, wife spends Iddah outside the home Date: 30-11-2000

    My wife and I are divorcing; a Talaq was given while she is in another country and I am in another country. I advised her that she has to return home to spend her Iddah period in our home. One Imam told her that she do not have to spend her Iddah period in our home that she can spend it where ever she chooses. Is this true? Should she return home.. More

  • Divorcing Wife Jokingly Date: 14-11-2000

    I got married by signing the marriage contract with the approval of the wife's father andtwo witnesses and Mahr (Dowry), but we did not have sexual relationship yet. Then, first, I was joking with my wife and I told her "You are divorced" and I did not know at that time if this is real divorce or not. Second, I told her not to do something otherwise.. More

  • Wife Asks Divorce because Husband Follows Different School of Fiqh Date: 26-9-2000

    If a couple are married and the husband decides to follow one particular way (one of the ones mentioned in my first question) and the wife follow another way different from his way (from the ways mentioned in question one), is she allowed to ask for divorce because of that? And what if there is conflict between the two because of it, and argument as.. More

  • Doubts about the Numbers of Divorce Date: 8-9-2000

    If I have divorced my wife several times but have made a mistake in counting the number of times 2 or 3 times..I am not sure..what is the status. What is the ruling if I made a mistake or was not serious. My wife takes it seriously and has assumed that I have divorced her irrevocably. .. More

  • Unclear Words of Divorce Date: 21-8-2000

    If the husband says things about divorce while he is angry, does it count as a divorce? For example, the wife is pregnant and while they were arguing he said several things, such as: he will leave her when she has the child, and also said that when she has the child he will take it and leave, and also told her that once she has the child she can go.. More

  • Husband Tells Others He Will Get Divorce Date: 3-8-2000

    Assalamu alaikum if a husband tells others that he will be getting a divorce, but then later on he and his wife decide they don't want to, but since he told others that he will be getting a divorce, does it count as one? Please give reference. .. More

  • Ruling on the three consecutive divorces Date: 19-7-2000

    Please give me the background to the establishment of the three consecutive talaqs (divorces) resulting in the immediate cancellation of the marriage contract (some call it talaqul bidah). Also, kindly inform me about the various requirements for this practice to be fulfilled. .. More

  • A woman's behavior after husband's death Date: 14-7-2000

    CAN A WOMAN WEAR A BEAUTIFUL DRESS & USE MAKE-UP AFTER HER HUSBAND DIES ESPECIALLY IN THE IDDAH PERIOD, AND WHAT ARE THE PROHIBITED ACTIONS DURING THAT TIME?Can a woman wear a beautiful dress and use make up after her husband dies especially in the Iddah period, and what are the prohibited.. More

  • The length of the waiting period of a divorced woman (‘Iddah) Date: 14-6-2000

    Alsalaamu Alaikum: I read that the period of ‘Iddah’ is a period of three mensturation periods. Is that correct? And if so, does a woman start counting from the day of divorce or the day of her last sexual encounter with her husband? Please clarify. Thank you! .. More

  • Divorce given in anger Date: 11-3-2000

    I would like to know if a divorce given in anger is counted or not?.. More

  • Divorcing wife during her menses Date: 6-3-2000

    If somebody gives Talaq (Divorce) to his wife during her menses or pregnancy, will the Talaq be valid?.. More

  • Seeking Permission to Divorce Non-Practicing Muslim Husband Date: 21-2-2000

    Is it permissible to divorce my husband because he doesn't contribute to an Islamic environment in our home? .. More

  • No Intention Is Required for Waiting Period (‘Iddah) after Husband’s Death Date: 28-1-2000

    When a Muslim husband dies, the wife is supposed to be in Iddah for four months and ten days. Does anyone from the husband's side need to read a "NIYYA" for the Iddah? .. More

  • Wife Having Illegal Relations with Men Date: 11-11-1999

    I have been married five years. Currently, I'm a student in U.S. Unfortunately, I found out that my wife is having affairs with some guys. It's not sexual (thank God), but she talked to them via chat program and she exchanged e-mail and keeps in touch by phone. Once, I caught her; I forgave her because I don't like to disclose her behavior and to protect.. More